Why families love Learn Play Grow franchising

Anna Smith and family

Are you a mum looking for a way to fit your career around caring for your children? Have you ever thought about franchising? Lots of women have taken the plunge and become Learn Play Grow business owners, and you could too.

Decades ago, franchising was something that men did, and although it’s still a popular choice for men who want to opt out of the rat race (we have male franchise owners at Learn Play Grow too) recently more women have flocked to buy their own franchises, and this has created a list of high flying female role models. The success rates for women in franchises is high, and with the right support you can be one of the success stories too.

What is franchising?

In a nutshell, it’s a partnership between a franchisor (for example Learn Play Grow) and a franchisee – which could be you.  They sell you the rights to operate your business under an established business name, by a set of rules you agree to, and charge you a fee for the support they give you on an ongoing basis. It’s less risky than starting your own business as you have the full support of the franchisor, their resources and their name.

Franchisors like Learn Play Grow should also offer ongoing training and business support like a website along with marketing and recruitment support. Learn Play Grow franchisees even have a dedicated social media manager on hand to guide them through the maze that is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s like having your very own virtual team, and all you have to do is put in the hard work.

Liyuan Chris etc

How many women franchisees are there?

The figures from 2015 show that more women are getting involved with franchising. In 2011 28 per cent of single franchisees were women; in 2013 that figure had risen to 30 per cent.

Finding a low-cost franchise that you can run mainly from home and fit around child care and family commitments is high on the list of things that a lot of women are looking for. Some businesses, like Learn Play Grow, have the potential to take up as much or as little of your time as you choose; you could recruit several coaches and run several parties and sessions daily if you want to. The choice is yours and you are the only limit.

Why women like franchises

  • You can choose whatever interests you – anything from fashion, beauty and health to working with kids as in Learn Play Grow.
  • If you’ve had to leave a full-time job to raise a family, you might feel a bit left out of the world of employment, IT especially. A good franchisor will give you the right training, support and experience, and you’ll learn new skills along the way.
  • There’s no chance of being replaced while on maternity leave if you own the business!
  • You’ll enjoy a much better work-life balance – work as many hours as suits you and benefit from a flexible working day that you can fit around other commitments.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, why not take a look at Learn Play Grow’s popular franchises?

2 Replies to “Why families love Learn Play Grow franchising”

  1. Buying a Learn Play Grow franchise has had such a positive impact on my family life! A year ago I took the decision to spend more time with my young family. Juggling family commitments and a long daily commute to work was taking it’s toll and although I loved my role in the NHS it was the best decision for my family. I wanted to do something that would enable me to be there when my children needed me, but also provide me with sufficent challenge to be fulfilled.

    Sport is in my blood and has been a big part of my life since being a child. When I discovered LPG I knew this was the oppertunity was for me. I love coaching young children, especially nurseries, it is a real privilege to share a child’s development journey and a real sense of satisfaction to know that you are helping start them along a healthy happy road in life. I love the challenge and self-growth of setting up my own business and am learning new skills all the time.

    Head Office are great, really supportive and always on hand should I need help or advice. Their team of experts are continuoisly developing the LPG brand, programme and training so there is always something new to learn and exciting products to offer my clinets.

    My first 9 months have been amazing! I have had great feedback and am slowly building up a strong client base; Most importantly for me, I am able to fit my work around my family and it’s a great feeling! 🙂

    LPG Owner (Northallerton & Harrogate)

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