Save Lives – Clean your Hands

child washing hands

We know how hard it is sometimes, being a parent or guardian – you’re always trying to teach your little ones the ways of the world. Sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle trying to encourage them to do things  – or not – especially when they are learning the word ‘NO’, but you persist and persist and it pays off.

Teaching the kids basic skills like washing their hands when they are still young and keen to learn has so many benefits – and these simple things can save lives.

Save Lives Clean Your Hands Day

Friday 5th May 2017 is Save Lives, Clean Your Hands Day – a message that we want to help spread across the UK (and beyond) especially within the healthcare environment. The focus of this year’s day is a very important one with the potential to affect us and our little ones – fighting antibiotic resistance.

Bella the Bunny will be making sure all the Learn Play Grow kiddies wash their hands and keep them clean during her sessions, and we’ll be getting our children engaged and interested in why as they listen to her talking about it. Bella will be taking extra care to explain the steps that she goes through to make sure that the children all know how to wash their hands properly.

Play along with Bella the Bunny – use these steps with your children at home to make sure that they follow the steps and stay clean and safe wherever they are.

basketball bunny 1

Bella’s Five Steps to Healthy Hand washing

  1. Wet – rinse your hands fully using lukewarm water.
  2. Lather –lather your hands fully using antibacterial soap. Making sure that you cover all areas of the fingers and palms.
  3. Scrub – if you have a scrubbing brush work the finger nails with a nail brush to get rid of any germs and nasties. Make sure you rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Rinse – rinse all the soap from the hands and between fingers using lukewarm water.
  5. Dry – dry hands with a clean cloth or towel and hey presto – your hands are fresh and clean.

It’s so important that the children keep up this routine – statistics show that children’s development has been improved through regular washing promotion*.

It’s also common knowledge that lack of hygiene and transference of germs is responsible for spreading illnesses in children and adults, because hands and fingernails harbour vast numbers of bacteria.

Be a good example to your children by showing them just how well you wash your hands every time to go to eat, prepare food or just touch your mouth.

Follow the five steps to great hand hygiene.

*What does handwashing have to do with healthy child development?

“Children who participated in a 2003 study were followed up in 2009, and  in addition to having had less diarrhoea, children who got hand washing promotion also scored better in a detailed test of their development when they were 5–7 years old. These findings suggest that hand washing promotion could be an important strategy for improving child welfare.”







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