Celebrating Childhood – National Children’s Day 2017


At Learn Play Grow, we’re all about the children, and the welfare of our Learn Play Grow kids is our top concern. Tomorrow is National Children’s Day so we thought we’d highlight the work that’s being done by the Save Childhood Movement.

The Save Childhood Movement was set up in 2013, and they share many values with Learn Play Grow – including a real concern about societal values and the way that our children’s natural childhood is being affected by modern life.

National Children’s Day Theme 2017

This year’s theme for National Children’s Day UK is the importance of a healthy childhood and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children so that they can grow into happy, healthy adults.

Over the four years since the National Children’s Day UK launched, organisers have worked with more than a hundred partners to promote the cause – in 2015 the theme was one that’s very close to our hearts here at Learn Play Grow, ‘The science and magic of play.’

We totally believe that all kids need to be able to play and indulge their imaginations and creativity as much as possible. With SATS in the news right now and many parents really worried for their children’s mental health because of the pressure the education system is piling onto them, it’s massively important that we nurture children’s natural creativity and inquisitiveness. Life is more than a series of tests!


The Childhood Trust

This year, the event is covering any issues that promote kids’ health and wellbeing. It’s also linking up with the Childhood Trust’s Summer Give, which aims to alleviate the impact of child poverty during the summer holidays. Last year they raised a massive £542k and were able to fund activities like play initiatives for really young children and work experience and interview skills training for older teens.

We Wendy Ellyatt, Chief Executive of the Save Childhood Movement said:

Children in the modern world are experiencing pressures that were unknown to previous generations and National Children’s Day UK provides a wonderful opportunity for people to highlight things that are going on in the lives of children and families and issues that they care about.

We hope everyone will use the day as a platform to celebrate everything that is magical about childhood, but to also shine a light on any problems and what we can do to alleviate them”


Get involved in National Children’s Day

It’s not too late to get involved if you want to be part of National Children’s Day events. You can run any kind of big or small event in the week up to and including the day. Become part of a national celebration of childhood! Why not get the kids in your community together for a nature walk or a tea party? Celebrate the joy of childhood!

Find out if there’s an event near you here National Children’s Day Events



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