Party time at Learn Play Grow!

IMG_1425Birthday parties seem to be getting more and more competitive – the other week there was a report in the news that told us parents spend an average of £188 on a children’s party for a seven year old child (£166 overall) and that the stress of organising it isn’t exactly welcome.

The average number of friends each child invites to a party is 12 but almost a quarter of parents are hit by the guilt factor and feel they have to invite ALL of their child’s school class! No wonder it can get expensive!

Party etiquette can be tricky to navigate and expensive too – parents aren’t sure what to buy the birthday boy or girl, and it can mean if you have a popular child you end up shelling out for nine presents for other people’s children – with an average cost of £10 per gift.

The Learn Play Grow party experience


Learn Play Grow parties are a bit different to your usual kid’s party and designed to make sure that all the kids have an amazing time – with the birthday child being made to feel just a little bit special. We bring along your little one’s most favourite Learn Play Grow character and lots of fun.

Parents love Learn Play grow parties because we take care of everything for you. Here’s what one Mum said about her son’s sixth birthday party this year;

My son had his 6th birthday football party today and it was AMAZING! In his words,

“That was the best party ever and the lady was really nice!”

“Everything was sorted for me including hiring the hall, party favours, prizes, music and entertainment. Everything was age appropriate and by the look on everyone’s faces all the children loved it. Thank you so much for making everything enjoyable and stress free”

(Tracey Hearne – Facebook)

Less Mum and Dad stress


We try to make things easy for parents too – we lay on delicious party food, a cake and presents for the birthday girl or boy. We can add a disco for older kids and balloons, bubbles and games are all part of the fun. No child is left out and if you want to leave everything to us we can even organise your party venue for you too.

Fantastic party entertainment, something different to the usual and kids loved getting involved! Highly recommend it!”

(Jolene Keys – Facebook)

Find out more and take the hassle out of your next birthday party – you can contact us on our Facebook Page or directly through our book a party page!


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