Play it Safe – Child Safety Week


Next week is Child Safety Week – it runs from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th June 2017, and this year’s theme is ‘Safe children: sharing is caring.’

Child Safety Week is run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. The organisation has created a wide range of useful resources to help parents and people who work with kids run a range of local activities and promote safety messages.

According to RoSPA, accidents and accidental injuries are a major health problem for children in the UK, as well as being the most common cause of death in children of older than a year.

More than two million under 15s will have an accident in the home every year and get taken to A&E, a GP or treated at home.  Around 76,000 children aged under 14 are admitted for hospital treatment every year – 40 per cent of them being under-fives.

stair-climb-3855_1280 pixabay

The most common accidents

Very small children, up to the age of four, are the most likely to have an accident. Most of these non-fatal accidents are falls. Fires are the biggest accidental killer of children of all age groups.

Although the statistics say that the largest number of accidents happen in the living room and/or dining room, the most serious accidents tend to happen in the kitchen and on the stairs. Every year more than 67,000 children will have an accident in the kitchen and 58,000 children hurt themselves going up or down the stairs.

Preventing accidents and staying aware of safety

We like to think that we help to share and instil the idea of staying safe into our Learn Play Grow kids, with sessions all about stranger danger and road safety in particular. The Child Accident Prevention Trust is asking everyone to get involved in shouldering responsibility for children’s safety throughout this important awareness week…and beyond.

You can get involved too, by downloading the free action pack and talking to your children about safety and accident prevention – sharing your own experiences and your knowledge. There are events across the UK designed to give children an appreciation of accident prevention and suggest ideas for staying safe.

boy-717151_640 pixabay

The 2017 Child Safety Week Action Pack is full of information for parents, activity ideas, hints and tips. You can download the FREE action pack for parents here:

Child Safety Week Action Pack for Parents

Why not spend some time with the kids going through one of the many activity sheets? It’s a fun way to make the idea of staying safe hit home in a fun and engaging way.


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