Welcome to the Fun House


We have some exciting news at Learn Play Grow – coming soon to a nursery near you…the Fun House!

Based on the lovable Learn Play Grow characters, our creative and innovative Fun House sessions are designed to take small children on an interactive journey around the Learn Play Grow character’s house, answering questions, taking part in age-appropriate activities and completing tasks as they go.


Guided by our coaches, children will have lots of fun trying to work their way around  all of the rooms in the Fun House one-by-one. The sessions are designed to last from an hour or two, all the way up to half a day, and each session is different and features different activities that challenge your little one’s mind, getting them active as they explore their surroundings in each room and complete each task.

At the end of the session there are lots of Learn Play Grow songs for everybody to sing along to and an exciting story to help them understand what they’ve learned as they’ve enjoyed their Fun House adventure.


The creative team at Learn Play Grow have been working on the concept of the Fun House for some time, designing the props and activities to make every session an exciting and challenging one for small children. Each venue is cleverly divided into separate rooms using specially designed banners that feature their favourite characters, stimulating their imaginations and giving them a sense of being in a real house.

The Fun House will be rolling out to Learn Play Grow all over the UK so look out for it on the national Learn Play Grow Facebook page and keep an eye on the website and Facebook for sessions near you. We’re really looking forward to welcoming you and your little ones to our happy, fun-filled Learn Play Grow Fun House sessions very soon!



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