Get on your bike!


This week is National Bike Week – so what better time to get out in the fresh air and make the most of being able to cycle with your kids?

Bike Week is an opportunity to get back on two wheels and the week is designed to encourage people back out onto their bikes and show how cycling can become a part of everyday life. The motto of the event is ‘everyday cycling for everyone’ and that’s certainly something we can get behind here at Learn Play Grow.

National Bike Week is the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, and every year it aims to encourage over half a million people to join in planned cycling-themed events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as a healthy and convenient way to get around.

Cycling UK and Halfords Events

Cycling UK and Halfords are doing their best to get millions of people across Britain cycling more, and that includes encouraging families and children to get on their bikes and enjoy the benefits.

Paul Tuohy, Chief Executive at Cycling UK said:

With over 460 Halfords stores adding their support to that of our 67,000 members, we will help to get more Brits moving more often.”

With the Government’s announcement of over one billion pounds of investment in walking and cycling showing real intent, Cycling UK and Halfords are proud to champion a similarly ambitious and achievable target to get over five and a half million people cycling more.”

Look out for planned programme of free events across the rest of the spring and into the summer which will promote getting your bikes checked, fixed and on the road.

Five reasons to get your children cycling

  • Cycling makes you happier
  • A study by the YMCA showed that people who had a physically active lifestyle managed to record a wellbeing score which was a whopping 32 per cent higher than inactive individuals. Getting the little ones active will put smiles on their faces!
  • Escape the smog
  • It might sound unbelievable, but another recent study suggests that cyclists are exposed to fewer dangerous fumes than those who travel by car.
  • When air pollution detectors were fitted to a driver, a bus user, a pedestrian and a cyclist using a busy route through central London, the car driver experienced five times higher pollution levels than the cyclist, as well as three and a half more than the walker and two and a half times more than the bus passenger.
  • Cycling cuts the risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Cycling raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping, making it one of the types of exercise recommended by the NHS as a healthy way to cut your risk of illnesses like heart disease and cancer.
  • It will speed up short journeys
  • Short car journeys are a big problem, and contribute to a rise in global pollution levels, as well as rush hour journeys spent staring at the car bumper in front of you. Get on your bike instead, send the kids to school by bike and you’ll save money on petrol as well as time.
  • It teaches children road safety and navigation skills
  • In the world of car satnavs and Google maps, you can easily lose your natural sense of direction – and children need to learn the rules of the road at an early age too. Treat a bike trip as an adventure, explore unknown territory ion a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and see where you end up.
  • They’ll meet new friends
  • Cycling is a sociable sport, especially if you join a cycling club. You and your children get to expand your social circle, and you’ll get plenty of support with maintenance and training too.

Let us know where you love to take your children out on their bikes – and why!


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