Beat the Monday Morning Blues with a business of your own!


Photo from Sarah Clark 21

As you know, Learn Play Grow has created a lovely franchise opportunity for people who love working with kids, and want to make a real difference to their lives. If that sounds like you, and you think you’d relish that challenge of running your own business, read on!

Franchising is a great business model – we do all the setting up and research for you, create the business model and then let you use it. You get the freedom of your own business while we give you the security of a tried and tested system and plenty of support.

Not all about the money money money

We give you great value for money – some franchises can cost tens of thousands to invest in but we’ve deliberately set our investment at an affordable level to attract people who already have an interest in working with children, fitness and training rather than ‘get rich quick’ types. Of course, you can do extremely well financially with one of our franchises, but there has to be a desire to work with kids and enjoy it.

In the past, franchising has been proved to be one of the safest ways of starting a new business compared to starting a business any other way. Is it really that profitable though? We think so, and our owners would agree. A 2013 British franchise Association/NatWest Franchise Survey revealed that 92 per cent of franchisees who were surveyed said that their businesses were profitable, and even more impressive, 80 per cent of new franchisees who had launched their businesses in the last two years were already turning a profit.

Supportive and friendly

A good franchise, like Learn Play Grow, should give you a proven business format along with training, set up and ongoing support. The better franchisors have support ongoing with things like marketing, social media and more. We carry on promoting the business too, and developing it so that you have more profitable income streams – our recent launch, the Learn Play Grow Fun House gives you some ideas of the different ways we are continually researching to help you get more business and put happy smiles on children’s faces.

Our Ipswich franchisee, Mel Wakefield, particularly loves a party!

We continue to work with new partners such as ISS Education in getting the Learn Play Grow message heard, and we’re always looking for ways to boost our (and your) profile.

If you are wondering where you’ll get the money from – we may be able to point you in the direction of accommodating banks and finance providers, or if you choose to look for your own funding the great news is that you’re much more likely to get access to the finance you need to start your own Learn Play Grow franchise, because banks look favourably on the franchise sector.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can start the kind of business that makes you look forward to Monday morning – contact us on


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