Learn Play Grow in Norfolk


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I recently spent a lovely day in Norfolk with Sheila Hunter, the owner of our Learn Play Grow Norwich franchise.

SH 10

I distinctly remember the very first conversation I had with Sheila on the phone, she was working as a senior member at a tourist attraction for families and developing a very good career, but she wanted more. Sheila wanted to run her own business. We talked about a lot of things, but I remember Sheila saying that she was looking at many different franchise options that offered children’s programmes; I am so pleased she chose Learn Play Grow.

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Sheila is one of those very rare people who is always positive, and  she always has a smile on her face. Forget anything else, this is a great starting point if you want to run a business that involves being around children and affecting their little lives.

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I’ve been present at some of the sessions Sheila has run, and it’s incredible to see how she engages the children and keeps their attention on her and what she is asking them to do. Another great thing about watching Sheila  in action is that it’s very difficult to see who is having more fun, the children, or her!

SH 4

It didn’t take long to realise that Sheila would be a talent at running her own business, but it also became obvious that she had the skills to add to our national development programme. I invited her to become part of the senior creative team at Learn Play Grow, and I was pleased to say that she accepted immediately.

SH 5

Since joining the creative team, Sheila has helped us to develop the range of Learn Play Grow puppets, the ways they can be used within the programme and also helped to develop each of the characters’ distinct personalities.

The characters are such an important part of the Learn Play Grow programme, and it’s their personalities that help the owners and coaches deliver the many positive messages that we present to the children. The kiddies love to listen to Danny the Dog, Bella the Bunny or Marvin the Monkey, it’s a magical part of our programme that really works.

SH 6

Sheila is also heavily involved in our film production. We recently had two very intensive days of filming for our ‘Celebration of Sport’ film which will eventually be seen by tens of thousands of children across Great Britain. She was our creative director on the day and made sure that everything was kept to schedule, happened as it was planned, and also kept an eye out for the children, making sure that they were happy and enjoying the experience.

SH 7

Sheila is a massively valued member of the national Learn Play Grow family, she invested in our programme, committed to developing herself as an owner, and now ensures that thousands of children in Norwich and the surrounding area can enjoy the physical programmes and the positive life skills that she delivers through the LPG programme.

Nino Severino – Learn Play Grow Founder

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