How to be a Learn Play Grow Franchise Owner

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It’s one of the best jobs in the world – you get to positively impact the lives of children, and have a great time doing it. It’s also your own business – you have the tools, the support and the encouragement to do as much (or as little) as you want with your Learn Play Grow business, and the security of knowing that we’re just a phone call away.

You get to buy into a fully-fledged business that’s been researched and planned carefully to maximise income streams for owners, that’s always coming up with new ways for you to make money, and which is constantly evolving.

But what do we want from our Learn Play Grow franchise owners?


It takes a special person to become a Learn Play Grow business owner. The first, most important and non-negotiable thing is that you must love working with children. It’s not for everyone, it takes a certain kind of person to be able to inspire little minds and teach without preaching. You’ll have to be able to talk to little people on their level, hold their attention and above all be able to provide classes and parties that they’ll enjoy.

Even if you don’t intend to coach any classes yourself and prefer to recruit coaches in, you still need to be able to understand children, the way their little minds work, and really want to be able to help give them the best start in life through activities and more.


You’ll need to be a confident, outgoing person who’s as happy chatting to potential business contacts, teachers and venue owners as you are a group of five year olds. A franchise like Learn Play Grow is fun and rewarding, but to make it a success it will demand hard work and putting yourself out there. You’ll need the confidence to be able to represent your business to people who might not understand it, and convince them that they should work with you.

Ideally you should be creative and resourceful. As you can imagine, with a growing and evolving business, we’re always looking for ideas – and where better to get those ideas from then our owners? We have a Creative Programme that encourages all owners to contribute ideas, and some of our owners have gone on to become a big part of the Learn Play Grow story by using their imagination to help us create and develop characters and even personalities for each.

We have oodles of ideas ourselves but we are always open to more.


Creativity is also an asset for your own franchise; being able to adapt your offering to your audience, give people what they want and spot an opportunity is something all successful business owners need.

You’ll need to be a people person, especially if you want to expand your team and recruit coaches. As a Learn Play Grow business owner you can increase your profits by building and managing a team, which gives you the flexibility to offer classes and parties to more venues and hold them more often – management skills would be an advantage if you want to take your business down that route.

Anna Smith and family

If you have any questions and would like to find out more about becoming one of our owners, please contact us on and we’ll be delighted to chat to you – no obligation whatsoever.

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