August Learn Play Grow News

Life during the last few weeks at LPG has been action packed and very exciting, so I thought I would do a little round up.

The run in to the summer holidays was a hectic schedule of meets, taking place across some of the schools we are delivering the Learn Play Grow programme in throughout England. We found it to be an amazingly motivating experience and it clearly showed us the effect that all our owners are having with all of their hard work.

I watched hundreds of children being captivated by our characters’ messages about healthy eating, staying safe and general life skills. Whenever our owners brought out our Learn Play Grow puppets, it was such a joy to see the way the children reacted. With all the technology that kids have to choose from such as iPads, Kindles and more, it was lovely to see them engaging with our puppet characters, and using their imaginations. Absolutely fantastic!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 14.14.58

The lack of exercise being experienced by young children is well documented, so seeing the children enjoying the Learn Play Grow drills was a real positive during my visits. We focus on balance, reaction, eye-to-hand co-ordination and other areas of physical development through these exercises, and the aim of the sessions is not only to improve health, but also to make sure that the children are having fun – we want to get them seeing exercise as a very positive experience.

I’ve committed much of my development time back at Head Office to our Learn Play Grow Party packages, so it’s been really enjoyable seeing all the creative elements we’ve been working on being used at real birthday parties.

The characters are a very big part of our great fun party packages; the children build a really strong association with them during their time at the party. One little boy called Henry was absolutely captivated by Marvin the Monkey and it was lovely to see.



The big party table is also a great experience for the children. The table is the point where all the children come together to share food and drink, and enjoy the company of the Learn Play Grow party team and characters. We want every child to have the best possible experience, so the small touches like a personalised birthday cake, birthday boy and girl T-shirts and personalised birthday cards are all part of the Learn Play Grow Party package.

We understand that this is such an important day for our Learn Play Grow parents, so seeing these parties giving so much joy is a very important part of all our head office hard work.


LPG Promotional Event ISC

Attending events is a big part of my Learn Play Grow life, and one recent example was an event held a local tennis club in Ipswich. Mel Wakefield, the Ipswich owner, and her team spent the whole day at the club, keeping the children entertained through exercise and movement. It was great to see the parachute, one of the Learn Play Grow favourites, being enjoyed by the children. There are so many ways that a colourful parachute can be used, giving the excited children a fun experience while they are exercising.

Throughout the day, many different groups of kids came along to enjoy Learn Play Grow sessions, and I found it really positive to see so many children being introduced to tennis, and having fun through exercise with the Learn Play Grow Ipswich team.

This was the vision that my wife Elena and I had when we originally created the Learn Play Grow programme, one of children enjoying exercise and hopefully finding a sport through this fun introduction.


It’s certainly been a busy few weeks – have you been keeping the kids busy during the holidays? If there’s a Learn Play Grow session near you, why not bering them along?

Nino Severino – Learn Play Grow Founder

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