International Youth Day – 12th August




Tomorrow, 12th August 2017 marks International Youth Day, a day which highlights the importance of this stage of life.

Young people have many important challenges and decisions to face during this stage of their life – finishing school, going to university, leaving home and travelling abroad – and as we know, all of these are major decisions which can be life changing.

This generation will be growing up and helping to mould and shape our world. Peace is the key topic for this year’s International Youth Day, and we’re all on board at Learn Play Grow with promoting the idea of peace, and finding ways to explore the concept with our little ones.

United Nations Programme

The United Nations adopted a programme which allows children to develop skills and understanding of peace, conflict and equality, important ideas that they need to learn about and understand from a young age.


Here are some fantastic information sheets that you can download and work through with your children to introduce them to all the different related topics that affect our world right now – and ultimately their world they will grow up to live in.

It’s bound to be a tricky subject to explain to kids when they are little, but you could try relating it to household relations! Peace can be difficult enough to achieve between families and siblings, so using the analogy of their brothers and sisters, school friends and neighbours, you could explain that all over the world there are troubling issues that crop up between countries and nations. It’s also a fact that most average people have no interest in fighting with other countries, and very little understanding about why the conflicts exist in the first place. If adults struggle to understand the reasons, children will be even more confused.


We agree with the United Nations that we need to encourage our younger generation to get out there and be involved in promoting peace and security in their own world and that of others. There are events all over the country taking place in support of this year’s International Youth Day, so why not investigate local events near you – take to Twitter and search #YouthDay to see how you can get involved. It’s a great way for children to get out and engage with other children – whether it be in sports, craft events or educational workshops.

Give peace some thought tomorrow and try to help your younger ones engage with the idea of peace – and help them understand how working with others will help us all in the long run.


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