World Photo Day

Saturday 19th August is World Photo Day.

LPG Kids smiling

If you didn’t know about World Photo Day it’s a great idea; bringing communities together with the power of photography. Photos can literally say a thousand words, although it’s a cliché – and pictures of our kids are something we treasure. We’ll never get those days of childhood back, so recording them with photos and videos (social media isn’t all bad) is a way that we can all keep hold of our memories and share them with other people.


We want to celebrate World Photo Day with you – we’re encouraging people to post their favourite images on our Facebook Page so that we can all enjoy them and share a smile or two. There are no rules – just post an image that makes you happy – it doesn’t have to be of your kids, it could be your pets, your latest holiday or anything that inspires you.

Toddler Group LPG South Wales 2

World Photo Day believes in the power of photography to inspire positive impact in communities. By bringing together millions of photographers around the world, they hope to connect people in a global celebration that invests back into local and global communities.

Danny Northallerton July 2017

Let’s share some photo love on this World Photo Day.

Post your favourite pics here

Happy smiling woman

You could also register for the competition on the World Photo Day website, and send in a photo of any one of the categories mentioned. There’s a global photo contest with sections for cities, people, landscapes, animals and wildlife and more, so get snapping and get sharing those images.







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