The importance of school PE for our children


Summer is nearly over and it will be time for the children to get back into their normal routine of eat, sleep, school, repeat. However, to get into this routine after all the fun and excitement of the holidays takes careful planning plus of course enough sleep, good food and exercise.

As parents you can monitor the food and sleep side, but unless you enrol your kids into extra-curricular activities, most kids today get their exercise during school hours, in school PE lessons. The health benefits of PE are fantastic for the body and mind, but despite all the studies that show how great exercise can be for kids overall health (and even their concentration) it’s a sad fact that over recent years the amount of hours children spend taking part in school PE lessons has dropped to below 2 hours a week.

This is something that, as a company, Learn Play Grow would really like to make an impact on. We are, of course, a company that promotes physical exercise for children and we would love to see kids reaping the rewards of physical activity during the school day and beyond. For this to happen, parents need to ensure that the children always prioritise their PE lessons; no more forgetting their kit, they need to know how important physical exercise and sport are for their developing minds and bodies.


PE is just as important to children’s development and learning as other classes on the curriculum, and we believe that fitness classes and PE lessons in school are great tools to help kids them learn about life as well as keeping them fit and healthy. PE teaches teamwork; it helps children to learn some of the fundamentals of playing a sport at an older age, but also shows them some of the ways that sport can positively impact everyone both physically and mentally. Research has shown that children who participate in sport are more likely to have a better understanding of the curriculum and this carries on for the rest of their educational life.

Physically, the benefits kids can get from fully taking part in PE lessons at school are impressive. They’ll learn the key fitness elements to sport, which are agility, balance and co-ordination. They’ll also to work with others and have fun at the same time.

Health-wise, PE benefits for children include;

  • Improved immune system – helping them to fight off those nasty colds
  • Improved blood flow – better transporting of oxygen and nutrients to their growing and developing muscles
  • Better oxygen absorption – they’ll start to feel less lethargic and more energised
  • Stronger heart and lungs – which are essential for good health
  • Released endorphins – these are the feel-good hormones that are so good for our mental health
  • Enhanced brain function and memory

With all these benefits to exercise, would you really want your child to miss out on their PE lessons?



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