Learn Play Grow Lunchtime clubs – kids LOVE them…


At Learn Play Grow, we want to keep children active all through the day – and this even includes during their lunch break. The first thing we notice when we spend time working in in schools is that kids always seem to want to eat their lunch as fast as possible and then run outside and play with their friends.

We’ve taken this on board, and so as part of our PE provision programme we are heavily focussing on giving the kids what they want – structured lunch activity. These engaging play sessions are fun, but also great for the kids, as while they enjoy themselves they are also very cleverly learning the key skills that will help them to succeed in sports and also working together with their peers.


Why are these sessions great for children and why do they work so well for us as a company?

These are some of the physical and mental benefits of Learn Play Grow lunch clubs (and any type of exercise)

  • They keep children active and moving around
  • They stimulate the kids’ minds
  • Exercise strengthens their muscles and joints
  • The fitness and exercise gets their blood flowing and hearts pumping
  • It develops co-ordination and balance
  • It helps them to improve their concentration
  • It promotes good behaviour and discipline.

The lunch clubs also work well for us because as we know, children seem to want to be active and out with their friends. We’ve noticed that all it seems to take is for one child to attend a session, and then the others will follow.

We make sure that our fun sessions also teach the kids about leadership and responsibility, which we know parents approve of. Children always ensure they have their lunch before the class starts, turn up with the correct sports kit and at the right venue, and you’ll be surprised at how easy they find it to remember to arrive for their session on time!

All these skills are incredibly important for children as they grow up, move through the school years and then continue on to possibly college or university.

Our lunch clubs are getting very popular with both schools and parents as they allow the children to flourish, develop and learn in their own way, while all the time building the foundations of their future fitness and health. In sporting terms, we think that’s got to be a win!







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