Working with Parents in Sport


We have an announcement – our founder Nino Severino is now an ambassador for the Working With Parents in Sport organisation (WWPIS), and will be collaborating with them on a range of projects that will be great for parents of any kids involved in sport, whether it’s at beginner level or more advanced.

Working With Parents in Sport’ is a UK based company which has been set up with the aim of helping parents to give their children the best possible sporting experience, and help them, and their children, get as much from taking part in sport as they possibly can.


The company was set up by Gordon MacLelland, who has over 20 years’ teaching and coaching experience, and has been Director of Sport at an independent prep school in the UK.

Gordon has also written two books, ‘Parenting in Football’ and the ‘Sporting Do’s and Don’ts- A pocket guide for parents of children in sport.

WWPIS says:

“In the UK we need to go back to basics and see sport for what it is, a chance for our children to learn experiences for life. Teamwork, dealing with adversity, friendships, sportsmanship are all valuable traits in life and not just in sport. We need to work hard to link the triangle back together. The working relationship between parent, coach and child in the hope that we can give the next generation of children every chance of maximising all the positives that sport has to offer.”

We couldn’t agree more with these sentiments, and Nino is absolutely delighted to have the chance to work with like-minded people on bringing the benefits of sport and activity to people all over the UK.

Buy the book here

Sporting dos and donts

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